Make in BVB(MIB) is the echo of infinite innovative ideas framed to restructure the country. With "Make in India", "Start Up India", "Stand Up India" as the driving power, the journey of MiB in reconstructing the future of the country is accelerated. This unique body strives for the revolutionary evolution of entrepreneurial thinking through the envisioned entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every action of it aims at the profound development of persona of the society. To be precise "Inspiring minds to innovate".



An idea that never sees reality, is just a random thought. Only those ideas that convert to plans of action, bring about changes in our society. In a world of half baked ideas and lost opportunities, we aspire to leave a significant mark. PUPA gives you a platform to convert your idea into a finished product. PUPA has been the bridge between buyers and brand new sellers. Every year, PUPA has brought about a revolution in Entrepreneurial thinking. PUPA 2O18 will make sure you attract the right customers by providing the domains that fit right for your idea.
So what's new this year?
Choose a domain that fits your idea and increase the probability of your product being sold.

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