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KLE Technological University (earlier known as B. V. Bhoomaraddi College of Engineering and Technology) aspired to redefine the institutional DNA. The institute wanted to be a pioneer contributor to the growth of the region. A major step in the direction was the inclusion of socio-economic strata into the DNA of the Institute alongside the flourishing academic and research initiatives. The founding of Center for Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CTIE) was an instrumental boost to building the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

A bunch of kids motivated by the initiative of CTIE, wanted to own the opportunity of enhancing the connectivity with student community. E-Cell was thus born. It was a spark that engaged fresh minds to gamify the entrepreneurial concepts. Organising of

increased the horizon of thinking. BVB-Umass Student Exchange Programs sparkled the global entrepreneurial spirit in the participants. A strong turbulence of ideas was created in those enthusiastic minds. The declaration of ‘Make in India’ became the impulsive force for the students outgrow as the most dynamic student initiative on campus. The initiative was coined ‘Make in BVB’.

On 18 October 2014 in the presence of Dr. Ashok Shettar, Vice Chancellor, KLE Tech (the then Principal, BVBCET) and Prof. Nitin Kulkarni, Director, CTIE; the student body was officially inaugurated. This embarked a pivotal transformation in students’ engagement in entrepreneurial initiatives. The core team was formed with the ignited minds having the purpose of value creation. The team ‘Make in BVB’ (MiB) was structured to work like a start-up. A value driven initiative with flat organization structure started to create impact. The first activity was a panel discussion titled ‘3Es – Entrepreneurship, Education, and Employment’ which gave the participants a deeper insight about the three eventual career choices.

The first milestone for MiB was hoisting a flag of entrepreneurship on the summit. E-Summit, the celebration of entrepreneurship created a lifetime networking opportunity with accomplished entrepreneurs, an accelerator for the growth of ideas, nutshell of entrepreneurial education and infinite possibilities.

Team 'Make in BVB' grew as a sustainable model wherein every individual emerged as a leader. “Inspiring Minds to Innovate” became the motto. As every ignited mind owned shared responsibilities, every initiative of the team succeeded. With the flow of time, newer members were added to the mainstream. The newer minds brought in newer thought processes, initiatives and strategies which enhanced the value proposition of team. This resulted in tremendous growth of initiatives. Events organized earlier grew quantitatively and qualitatively.

The team takes pride in its success of creating entrepreneurial minds. With the years to come, ‘Make in BVB’ will outperform itself and will continue its journey of inspiring minds to innovate.