Make in BVB(MiB) is the echo of infinite innovative ideas framed to restructure the country. With "Make in India", "Start Up India", "Stand Up India" as the driving power, the journey of MiB in reconstructing the future of the country is accelerated. This unique body strives for the revolutionary evolution of entrepreneurial thinking through the envisioned entrepreneurial ecosystem. Every action of it aims at the profound development of persona of the society. To be precise "Inspiring minds to innovate".

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What is Make in India, if there is no making in there! And how anyone can 'make' something, if they never done it before? This is precisely why we need to have our engineers, students 'make' something, 'build' something, that too having some monetary value. If one knows how to 'make-to-sell' it is a life lesson.PUPA is an accelerated entrepreneurial experience which ignites the entrepreneurial spark.


In E-Summit people get an unique opportunity to interact with accomplished entrepreneurs and experience the business plan development process, evolve as an effective technologist who can profitably sell ideas.Students can unleash the true potential through the structured mentoring and also grab the opportunity to win a very huge cash prize with incubation to realize their endeavour.


Do you conceive challenges as opportunities? Do you aspire to be the difference maker? Do you want to solve the problems through unique value propositions and generate revenue? Butterfly - B Plan Pitching Competition is the platform you are looking for.

What People Say About Us


Akshay Dhankshirur

Mechanical Engineer
Applied Materials India Pvt Ltd.

Make in BVB is an enabler, motivator, tutor, mentor, incubator, enhancer and an organizer.It is the hub for the future Ubers and Amazons !
A Platform of industrious innovations. A body of the students, by the students and for the students !
A key player in making bright, the carrers of hundreds..!

Sourabh Alagundagi

Project Associate
IISc, Bangalore

Make in BVB is a student body working for the empowerment of students with entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Being an audience member as well as a Team Make in BVB member, I firmly believe that this platform has all the capabilities to transform the students into responsible citizens. Functioning like a family, Make in BVB addresses needs of everyone associated with it, leaving no stone unturned.

Nivedita Hiremath

Application Analyst
Accenture Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Make in BVB is miniature vision of Make in India at the student level, providing them ample opportunities to work in line with the thoughts of Entrepreneurship! Entrepreneurship brings in Creaonative ( Creative + Innovative)attitude to the engineering table. I am grateful to CTIE & consider myself fortunate, to be associated with MIB.

Abhay Karjol

Maintenance Engineer
ADM, Bangalore

MIB- A canopy for vibrant learning. Doers' turf. An active student body involved specifically into development and sustenance of entrepreneurial ecosystem across the geographical region.